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August 1st, 2007 by Jason

Last Sunday night Terri and I went to check out Saliva at the Verizon downtown with 300 of our closest friends. Saliva was headlining the HoustonPress Music Awards Showcase. Here are some pics we took at the event.

We arrived downtown about 6:45 and walked into the Verizon expecting a full house like there was at the Godsmack concert a few weeks ago. Let me just say I was very disappointed at the turnout.

The first band we got to see was The Mighty Orq. They were excellent. The Mighty had a kind of hard rock/blues sound to them. Terri and I found them extremely easy to listen to. I will be picking up a few of there CD’s. At one point during the set they broke into a rendition of Prince’s “Kiss”. It was one of my favorite moments of the evening.

The next band to take the stage was The Handsomes. Terri really liked these guys but I was kind of blas’e about them. They had kind of a poppy 311 vibe mixed with a little of that boy band reject that made it to the finals on American Idol this year. I was underwhelmed with enthusiasm for them. I really liked the next band though.

The Dimes……………part Beatles?……..part Napoleon Dynamite? Check this out and you’ll see what I mean.

These guys tore up the stage. The had a weird, highly energetic vibe to them. They were just so different than anything I have seen. I highly suggest checking them out if you get a chance.

After The Dimes finished up their set Terri and I hit the pit to get better seats for the Saliva show. Saliva stormed the stage close to 10:30 with “Black Sheep”. These guys put on a helluva show. The rhytnm guitarist was a lunatic. He was runnning all over the stage like Godzilla, wrecking everything. The band sounded great live. This was our first time to get to see them in person. Terri enjoyed “Rest in Pieces”. But my favorite part was the encore where they played “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “Your Disease” back to back to end the show. While we were waiting for the encore I allmost had to drop my “pimp hand” on some drunk idiots but security stepped in so I ended up not having to go to jail, which is always good for the home team. We will definitely see these guys again if they come back to Houston…………or Dallas………….or San Antonio.

Terri and I ended the night at the local Whataburger with some potato taquitos and picante sauce. How Texas is that?

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  1. Carla Says:

    pssst – broken image

  2. Jason Says:

    thank you!

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