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I Have the Power!!!

September 16th, 2008 by Jason

He-Man references aside, we have power at the house. What a great feeling! My thoughts of the apocalypse have subsided a little. I feel bad for you guys out there that still have no power and I hope it is restored for you soon.

At work today, Stu and I had to run to Family Practice and check the temp in our network closets. Everything there was cool. Since we were so close to Chuy’s we decided to see if it was open. On the way there we noticed a gas station that just opened so we pulled in and filled up Stu’s box and my gas can that I just happened to have with me. After refueling Stu and I headed to Chuy’s. When we arrived it looked like it was closed but then we noticed some people inside. The people inside told us they would be open in a few minutes. We waited until 11:00 and then walked in. We where seated immediately and asked what we would like to drink. Stu ordered for himself and then I asked for a cup stuffed with delicious, precious ice and some Coke. When the beverages arrived it looked like the waitress stuffed as much ice as she possibly could in the glass and filled it with Coke. When the icy goodness hit my lips I thought I was going to pass out. It was almost too much to handle. It was the highlight of my day until I returned to an electrified home. I will probably never have a Coke again in my life that will compare to that one. It’s all downhill from here…

I took some photos on my way home today.

This is the Dodge dealership on 45 south at 610.

Gas station by my house

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