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August 27, 2010

August 27th, 2010 by Terri

Boys had their 4 month checkup today. Hard to believe they are 19 weeks old already. Crazy. Doc said they are just perfect!…tell me something I don’t know! :) Harrison weighing 12.13 (up from 11.1) and Hayden at 11.10 (up from 10.1 in July). Dr. Anderson commented that they have totally different personalities now. Hayden was anxious, ready to go, fussy, and I pretty much held him through the whole visit (nevermind the 100 degree heat outside, now I’m holding what feels like a hot puppy). Harrison was asleep on the exam table for the most part. He didn’t even cry after his shots!

A few weeks ago Hayden rolled over onto his tummy. Yelled bloody murder when he got there, but rolled over still. He’s done it a few more times, still doesn’t like where he ends up. Harrison rolled all the way over this week. Middle of the night, flipped over, yelled bloody murder. He did it for the second time today in the doctor’s office. I think he was showing off for Dr. Anderson. This time he rolled over, and pushed up on his arms to look around. Great!! We’ve tried spoon feeding cereal too. Hayden did pretty well, Harrison not ready just yet. We’ll keep working on.

Jason bought our Buzzfest tickets this morning! Whoohoo! 20 bands, all ending with Godsmack headlining! Best part is it will be in October so we can celebrate our 8th year anniversary. Oh, and maybe it won’t be 120 degrees outside by then. I’ll still require a few frosty beverages I’m sure. Guess I need to line up another babysitting entourage for the night. Mommy not coming home afterwards. She’ll be sound asleep in a baby-less hotel room again. :)

What else is new? Me and Lindy are taking an Aikido class two nights a week. For anyone that doesn’t know, (or recall) Lindy was my accomplice many,  many years ago as we journeyed through Karate together. We figured we stopped around 1995ish, somewhere after my Crohn’s diagnosis (my health, and busy life in general got in the way for a time). 15 years ago seems unbelievable. Gonna finish up Aikido in December, then her and I have decided to go back to Karate….finish what we started so long ago!!  :) I can’t wait until the boys are 3 so I can get them started. To see them both in little tiny white gi’s, with little white belts, and big clunky sparring gear is gonna melt my heart. Awwwwwww :)

Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes yesterday!! And thank you for all the congrats and compliments on Hayden & Harrison that came in yesterday as well. It was a hard road getting them here, but SO worth it; they are truly the most amazing people I have ever met. :)

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