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June 27th, 2009 by Jason

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.8. No issues so far.

I’m in Baton Rouge at the moment at my parent’s house. They have put me to work already. Funny.


My dad and I sat down to watch a movie around 10 this morning. Before we even got through the previews, Granny let us know that the dryer quit working. My dad and I removed the dryer from it’s cubby hole and proceeded to tear it apart. After discovering the start button wasn’t working I broke out a volt meter and began to test. I soon discovered some loose contacts. We repaired them and the dryer returned to service. As soon as we finished with that, Mom reminded my dad about the light in the pantry. The cover was stuck and they couldn’t remove it to change out the bulbs. I grabbed the ladder and we proceeded to disassemble the light fixture. After a few minutes of struggling we finally got the cover of the fixture removed. The fixture was very loose because of all the stress we put on it. I ended up having to re-install the whole thing. After we finished with the light fixture, my dad and I decided to go ahead and fix the A/C drain. Man it was hot up there. I fed a pipe snake down the drain pipe as far as I could get it. I took me a few minutes to finesse it down the pipe but I was finally able to free up the drain. Believe it or not, it was harder to pull the snake out than it was to put it in. Once the snake was removed, I poured a half cup of bleach down the drain to sterilize it and then we called it a day.

Now back to the show…

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