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Baby news…Monday April 26 4:00 pm

April 26th, 2010 by Terri

Harrison was taken out of fishbowl and is now in big boy crib!! He has to keep up his good feedings and be able to regulate his body temperature in order to stay out of incubator. He’s doing much better on his feedings. He will probably have sleep study test done in a day or so.

Hayden’s sleep study test came back showing some apnea..several over 6 hours, lasting about 20 seconds each. Doc will treat with caffeine (strange) and they will re-do test in 12-48 hours, and of course he will stay in hospital until they feel he’s ok. Doc said he will most likely come home with monitors so we can see what’s going on.

Just got text from Jason…both boys had their circumcisions done. From a man’s standpoint I guess they can handle anything that comes their way now, no problem.  :)

One day at a time…things change so quickly. I’ve been running errands, getting groceries, and getting the house in order today since leaving the hospital. Oh, and I’ve noticed no one has volunteered to bathe the dogs yet. :) JJ, it’s on my list for this week.

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  1. Cassie Says:

    You shouldn’t be washing the bears this soon after a c-section. I’ll come wash them, though they don’t really seem to like me much! :( I guess they don’t realize they were the inspiration for Mia!

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