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May 7th, 2010 by Jason

Just posted some new pics.

Sorry it took so long, I’ve sort of had my hands full.

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Baby news…May 5th @ 1:00 pm

May 5th, 2010 by Terri

Well today is a special day…today was supposed to be my delivery day!! Whew, glad that’s over. No one fret…I still intend on having pinatas filled with Jolly Ranchers, and fajitas for their birthday parties even if they weren’t born on Cinco de Mayo. :) Is it wrong to have margarita machine at a kid birthday party?!? They were three weeks old yesterday and it just seems like one big long day. All four of us have come a long way; it was a hard road but things are going wonderfully. Jason and I are tired, but happier than we have ever been in our lives.

Took the boys for first pediatrician visit today at Texas Children’s. Doc said they are doing great and that we are doing a fabulous job. Yeah! Hayden weighed 5.9 pounds, Harrison weighing in at a whopping 5.4 pounds; he’s catching up to is brother. Holy cow if I delivered today I would have been one miserable Mommy yesterday with my big boys in there. We’re going to see a pulmonary doctor soon to have her re-evaluate their apnea issues and see when they can get away from their monitors. Jason and I think they are doing fine, but we didn’t go to medical school.

Thank you Dad for the beef stew, and thanks to Norma Jean for the fettucine and banana pudding!! And thank you to Trish for taking our night shift feedings. It’s been a HUGE help being able to get 4-5 hours of sleep in a row; we are grateful.

Things are well at the Glim household……

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Baby News…May 2 10:00 am

May 2nd, 2010 by Terri

Sorry for the delay….Hayden came home Thursday late afternoon. He’s doing wonderfully! Harrison was discharged Friday morning and is eating very well…doing just great. Both my boys are home! After resolving the issue with the apnea monitors going off for no reason every 10 minutes we are all doing well. Babies are still on schedule and sleeping well. Me and Jason are not sleeping much and have no clue what our schedule is. :) I’ve got Jason here for almost a month so this is great. All is well. More updates and new pics coming soon. I’ve got a baby to feed now……

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