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June 30th, 2010 by Terri

My babies were 11 weeks old yesterday! Such a short time really, and I feel like they have always been with me. I certainly can’t imagine my life without them now. It’s even hard to remember how it was before they were here. They are doing great, and still amaze me everyday. They are the most wonderful people I have ever met. They are growing into their own little personalities now and it’s funny to pick out what traits, or quirks,  they are getting from me, and which ones they get from Jason.  We’re getting little glimmers of smiles every now and then too. Nothing so for sure that it’s brought tears to my eyes yet. Jason however has gotten full face, real smile though. They spend all day with me; I think they are bored of me. :)

I’ve hooked boys back up to their apnea monitors for 8-10 hours every day so the pulmonary doctor can get a final readout on them.  I need to call the doctor and alert her that I’ve taken it upon myself to take them off the monitors 3 weeks ago. Any parent who’s ever had one (or two) babies on these things will understand. I’ve learned a whole new meaning to the word “patience”. Patience is NOT having newborn twin boys. It is NOT having preterm, newborn twins. It is NOT having preterm, newborn twins on apnea monitors. It IS however having preterm, newborn twins on apnea monitors that go off all the @#$% time for no @#$% reason. It’s kinda like a car alarm. You never hear one and think “hmmm, someone’s car is getting stolen”. No, you hear one and think “some idiot’s car alarm is going off for no reason”. Same thing here. After the first 3 days when we brought babies home that’s how it’s been. It was panic at first. Then it quickly turned into running into the nursery to see what the crap was wrong with the monitor, shutting it off, then checking to see if it woke our baby up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely grateful the extra precaution was taken with our tiny babies in the beginning. And more grateful that the monitors have never gone off due to a medical issue. It’s just time to get these things out of my house and off my babies. I’m starting to think that the monitors were here to teach me patience, and quickly. Crying, fussiness, refusal to eat, spitting up, dirty diapers, etc etc etc have been managable for me so far, even with two. I haven’t lost it yet. I reserve the right to freak out at any time though, but so far so good.  

Everyone keeps talking about this corner that is coming up where they will sleep better, and all night. Hayden and Harrison slept 6 1/2 & 7 hours last night!! I won’t get too excited until it happens on a regular basis, but I feel like we are making progress. And we went cold turkey on the pacifers, thank God for swaddlers….life is good.  Too early to tell if we are in fact coming up on that corner or not. Either way, it’s been a wonderful ride with them so far……   For those that don’t know, I quit my job at Baylor College of Medicine after we found out we were having two babies. People keep asking me if I miss my job yet…are you crazy?!? I’m loving this!

We are quickly growing out of our house now. These little people have a lot of stuff!! A year or so ago we brought a little acreage in a wooded neighborhood about 30 minutes outside of Kingwood, completely out in the country. Now that the babies are home and settled, Jason and I are itching to move. We’ve got our house picked out and are talking to some builders. This whole process should supply quite a bit of material for future blogs I’m sure. Kill me now :)

Sending another “thank you” out to everyone that continues to help us, be supportive, and is part of our boys lives. All the grandparents take turns coming over daily so I can get a few hours sleep, and I’ve got bags and bags and bags of boy clothes piled up from everyone. Other than the preemie stuff the boys wore in the hospital, and my designer diaper bag, we haven’t bought one single thing. Not one. Through the entire lengthy fertility process, to the chaotic birth story, to the extended NICU hospital stay and beyond, we have been amazed at how many wonderful people we have in our lives…people who love all of us and who have gone great lengths to help us out and be supportive. It’s amazing. “I’m grateful” just doesn’t seem like strong enough words.  I’m thrilled beyond belief that Hayden and Harrison will grow up surrounded by so much love.

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Baby news…June 23rd

June 23rd, 2010 by Terri

Things are going well! Hayden weighs 8.10 and Harrison has passed him up weighing in at 8.15! Both have gained 4 inches of length since birth. Dr. Anderson says they are doing just great. Pulmonary doctor took boys off of the caffiene and wants to have a 2-3 week download of info on apnea monitors…then hopefully they can come off of them for good. She said they only need to be on them when they are sleeping….it’s been nice having my babies wireless finally. Need to hook them back up so she can have her final readings.

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