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September 26th, 2008 by Jason

When I returned home today I noticed something very cool had been done in my absence. AT&T finally deployed Whole Home DVR (WHDVR) to the Houston area. This is really neat. When I was a DirecTV customer I had multiple TiVo’s around the house and WHDVR was enabled. I hacked them with the InstantCake image so I could have access to the network features that become available. On the hacked TiVo’s I could record a program on any receiver and watch it on any other receiver in the house. I also could stream video, music, and pictures from my media PC to all of the TiVo receivers. I really liked the way things were set up. But eventually DirecTV and I had to part ways because of the Houston area Comcast/Time Warner swap. Time Warner was my broadband provider at one time but my area was eventually taken over by Comcast. Bleh. I began looking for alternatives immediately and ran across AT&T’s U-verse offering. I was able to combine my broadband and cable TV service for a cheaper rate so I made the leap to IPTV. I initially had some issues due to the service being so green but now that the bugs have been worked out, my U-verse service has been rock solid. Now that WHDVR is enabled I am starting to get some of the features that I coveted back. Hopefully I will be able to stream music to the set top boxes in the near future. I’ve heard (and seen) rumors of this functionality on the innerwebz since the onset of U-verse. AT&T also added “folders” to the RecordedTV tabs. This is another feature I had with TiVo. Now all episodes of one series are listed in one tab instead of one long list with all of the recorded content in alphabetical order. Very Cool.

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